Pile of crab gamestudio’s orgin, is located in the Netherlands.
At this moment its a 1 man’s passion to create fun games in retro style.
For both pc and smartphone (android).
I have a special love for co-op & local multiplayer games.
Also i have a 4 player DINER table arcade setup.
Its huge with a 40 inc flatscreen in it.
With this table i create my games.
So expect some arcade style gems coming in the near future.
(currently in the works for this “tabletop” is a 4 player drifting game called DRIFT KINGS)
Games designed for such a table can also be played with pc-xbox360 controllers.
So anyone can jump in at your home, even without such a setup as mine.
As i have a open personality im also open to game suggestions.
Have bright ideas!
Speak out loud 🙂

Shotgun Raiders Got Greenlit!!
Thank you awesome community and steam!


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